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Clean Face Pads

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The Clean² Face Pads are back and here to out-perform conventional face pads in every possible way. Made with a unique triple-layer blend of textured viscose, cotton cellulose, and smooth cotton lining- these face pads don’t just look better, they feel better and perform better. You’ll only need one to get the job done thanks to their size, thickness, and strength. The Clean² Face Pads are sustainably crafted with high-quality USA cotton and OEKO-TEX viscose, so gone are the days of face pads that shed fuzzies and fall apart on you. Made with one textured side for exfoliation and one smooth side for softness.
    Clean Face Pads
    Clean Face Pads
    Clean Face Pads

    Product Details

    • Benefits

      Use less, get more: Larger and thicker than conventional face pads. Guaranteed not to shed or fall apart, even under pressure.
      Enhance your daily skincare experience: Combine these plush pads with your favorite cleanser, toner, or makeup remover for gentle yet effective use.
      Remove makeup with ease: Made with a durable yet exceedingly soft, lint-free cotton.
      Gently slough away buildup: Textured and high-density OEKO-TEX viscose fabric helps lift makeup, dirt, and oils.

    • Why We Love It

      Thanks to our textured viscose side, Clean² Face Pads help to slough away and lift makeup and dirt from your pores (when paired with a cleansing agent) revealing cleaner, clearer skin.

    • Use in the AM + PM

      For best results, we recommend using this product in the AM + PM.

    How to Use Clean Face Pads

    • Step 1

      The Clean² Face Pads can be used dry or wet to:

    • Step 2

      Apply Toner

    • Step 3

      Remove Makeup

    • Step 4

      Spot Cleanse