Recycle With Us

We’re committed to helping better the Earth by using 100% recyclable shipping packaging. Our Boox boxes are easy to recycle, and our product packaging (including product bottles!) may be recycled via Boox, too!

Here’s how recycling with us + Boox works:
  • After you receive your order in our zero-waste Boox box, you’ll find a unique QR code on the packaging. Scan this QR code, and Boox will guide you through the simple steps to recycle your Boox (Plus your skincare packaging!) at one of thousands of Return Places throughout the United States.
  • Don’t stress about returning your Boox by a certain date! Boox encourages you to drop your Booxes off while on a trip you’re already taking to conserve carbon emissions.
  • Upon return to Boox, each box is processed for reuse or recycling. Undamaged Booxes are refurbished and used again. Damaged Booxes are processed back into raw material and then used to make new Booxes.
  • Usually, Booxes are reused 10+ times before they’re recycled into material for new Booxes. Because Booxes are made from monomaterials, they’re easily broken down and converted into new Booxes.
  • Boox will also recycle your product packaging and product bottles, so bring these (clean and rinsed out, please!) with you to drop off, too.