In-Flight Skincare 101

In-Flight Skincare 101

Plane travel can definitely take a toll on your skin. If you’re constantly experiencing pesky breakouts or increased dryness when flying, we're here to show you how to nourish your skin so you can arrive at your destination feeling confident and radiant. 

Read on for our favorite products to keep your skin glowing while jet-setting. 

Why does my skin get dry when flying? 

Pressurized airplane cabins are extremely dry environments, and as the altitude increases, the dryness only intensifies. Lack of moisture in the air means less moisture for your skin, which disrupts your delicate skin barrier and ultimately upsets your skin’s equilibrium.

How can I keep my skin balanced while flying?

Since the main issue contributing to your skin woes when in the air is dehydration and dryness, the solution is to keep your skin as hydrated as possible by preserving the balance of your skin’s barrier function.

Your skin’s barrier function is the protective top layer of the epidermis, the outermost portion of your skin. The barrier function is responsible for preserving the equilibrium of your skin. It keeps moisture, which is essential for your skin’s health, in and keeps irritants out. 

In general, using high-quality skincare products aids your skin’s barrier function in maintaining an optimal environment for healthy, glowing skin. When you’re flying, it’s even more important to boost the power of your barrier function to counteract the effects of the harsh, dry environment of the plane. 

In-Flight Skincare Must-Haves:

Protect and strengthen your skin’s barrier function in flight by nourishing the most delicate areas of your face (undereyes and lips) and defending your entire complexion from harsh UV rays.

SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Masks 

Use these mega-hydrating Instant Bright eye masks while in flight to arrive depuffed and refreshed. We also love these nourishing masks to soothe and calm the delicate undereye area after a girl’s night out.

ISDIN Mineral Brush Sunscreen

SPF is more essential than ever when you’re flying: think about it, you’re so much closer to the sun when you’re 30,000 feet in the air! ISDIN’s Mineral Brush Sunscreen prevents UV rays from penetrating your skin via an easy powder formulation designed for on-the-go use. 

This SPF is one of our faves…if you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen us rave about it. The silky, smooth, fine powder contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, and iron oxides to protect against free radicals, pollution damage, blue light, and infrared radiation. It’s perfect to stash in your carry-on for photoaging defense and a boost of matte, natural coverage.

Revision YouthFull Lip Replenisher

Chapped lips are so annoying, especially when landing in cities with totally different weather. Keep your lips nourished and hydrated with Youthfull Lip Replenisher!

This holy-grail status lip hydrator locks in hydration and rejuvenates your lips with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, calming shea butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba esters, and a unique peptide blend.

Apply anytime as needed to replenish the fullness and youthfulness of your lips.

Use this regimen next time you fly, and let me know how much your skin thanks you! Pair these in-flight favs with one of our injector-curated cleansers and moisturizers for a travel skincare routine that leaves your complexion glowing.



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